The King of Contrasts


Red Onions Extra Jam, the Gourmet Jam In his latest masterpiece, the famous Italian writer Tiziano Terzani used to define the “divine” as something where opposites can coexist and, in everyday’s life, we can find it in real places such as the shoreline or in abstract such as the twilight sleep. And I am sure ….  Read More

The authentic Florence Cusine


Chicken Liver Sauce for Tuscan Crostino, the real Florence Antipasto Talking about Florence Cusine, first thing you are most likely thinking of is a huge steak, thick and juicy! But that’s the rich people’s cusine, and actually, literally speaking, it’s not even a “cusine”… …in fact, if the beef is good, not much needs to ….  Read More

Tuscan Olive Oil, the dripping gold

CuriosityOlive Oil

Ancient Romans, once conquered a new territory, used to force the submitted populations to cultivate 2 kind of fields: grapes and olive-tree, 2 of the cornerstones of the Roman Civilization and of the Mediterranean Diet. Further more, Romans used to claim tributes from these populations directly in olive oil, because of its intrinsic value. This ….  Read More

What about a heretical Honey?


Are you one of those not following the common belief and always looking for something different? One of those who will never conform to the mass? If you are that kind of person, your honey must be the Chestnut Tree one…the heretical honey! In fact, while honey is generally speaking sweet and golden, the one ….  Read More

San Miniato and the White Truffle


There are many villages in Italy whose name is immediately linked to a specific delicacy that they are famous for around the world. Amongst those, a quite unique spot is granted to the Village of San Miniato, that, together with the Village of Alba, is widely considered the hometown of the White Truffle. Located halfway ….  Read More

Siena: veni, vidi… pici!


Each and every Tuscan city is special and peculiar in many ways, but very likely Siena stands out for its uniqueness. Siena is not just a town, it’s more like a microcosm by itself. It’s divided in 17 city districts (Contrada), which twice per year (on July 2nd and August 16th) fight each other in ….  Read More