About us

We were having dinner together, one evening.

We had fun between a picio with wild boar sauce and an unknown number of toasts with the wines of our estate.
At one point we looked each other in the eye and realized that we were selfish.

All those delicacies, all those flavors, why keep them just for us?
We had to share them.
How do you say? Sharing is caring no?
And we care very much that everyone has the opportunity to organize a dinner in the name of the taste and tradition of Tuscany.
So we decided to put the products of our company online in Chianti and of our shop in San Gimignano.

Wines and oil, sauces and pasta, honeys and jams, and then truffles and other delicacies.
A selection of wonderful products that allow you to prepare a high-level dinner in short time, a modern way to approach taste and tradition.

With our team of gourmet experts and sommeliers we have also managed to prepare all the material to help the unforgivable gourmands with advice, information and recipes.

And it’s just the beginning.